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Rev Gareth Burke: We are always able to contact God with confidence that he will listen

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Hear this: modern communication
Hear this: modern communication

By Rev Gareth Burke

I have recently returned from a three-week visit to Kenya. I was involved in a Bible teaching programme in the north west of the country teaching mainly pastors and evangelists from South Sudan.

It was a great experience, often humbling and frequently taking me outside of my comfort zone.

One of the big problems I experience during my time away was a serious communications hitch.

Internet access was limited and I managed to break my mobile phone so that for a period of time I had no opportunity to communicate with home and family.

You might feel that this is no big deal - indeed you might think that a period of time without having to consult your mobile would be a great blessing!

However, I have to confess to getting rather fraught about the situation and was not at all comfortable at being out of touch with friends and family.

The Kenyan staff on the compound where I was living turned out to be very skilful in obtaining SIM cards and suitably compatible mobiles, so after a relatively short time I was back texting, phoning and generally hassling all sorts of people.

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As for my broken mobile I discovered, on returning home, that it was well and truly broken, incapable of being repaired.

Various phone calls with the relevant contract company confirmed that I was entitled to no upgrade and I had no choice but to purchase a new handset.

The good news is that God is never out of touch with his people.

Wherever we are if, by God's grace, we belong to God's people, we are always able to call on the Lord in the confidence of knowing that he will hear us.

The Bible tells us concerning the Lord 'that his ears are open to our cry' (Psalm34:15) Such an amazing blessing! Whatever the trial or situation we face God is there for us. How can we tap in to this blessing? How can we be sure that God will hear our prayers?

Contracts or 'pay as you go' arrangements are of no significance here. All that is required is a living, personal faith in Jesus Christ, God's Son. Once we're trusting in him then heaven is open to us.

Through knowing Jesus we have free access into the presence of God. God is never incommunicado when it comes to the prayers of his people.

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