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Rochelle Humes' guide to striking the perfect work-life balance

The former member of The Saturdays tells Prudence W how she juggles children, her husband and a busy career


Wedded bliss: Rochelle is married to former JLS star Marvin Humes

Wedded bliss: Rochelle is married to former JLS star Marvin Humes


Wedded bliss: Rochelle is married to former JLS star Marvin Humes

With a busy family life and a packed schedule, there's no doubt Rochelle Humes has a lot on her plate.

When she's not presenting Ninja Warrior, campaigning for better children's eye health or developing her own make-up line, Rochelle's hanging out with her two daughters and Marvin - her radio show host husband, who used to be in boyband JLS.

So how does she juggle everything?

Getting on with things

She has two kids - Alaia-Mai is four and Valentina is eight months old. These aren't exactly easy ages to handle but, in typical down-to-earth fashion, Rochelle says: "It's just something you get on with. And it's different the second time around, because you know what to expect."

However, one thing that Rochelle did struggle with a little bit was sending Alaia off to school for the first time in September.

"I was more of a mess than she was," she says. "She was really excited."

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Things have got better since that first tricky day, though. "I'm really enjoying it," Rochelle adds. "It's quite nice to have a bit of a routine."

How her perspective has changed

Understandably, Rochelle's perspective has changed hugely since becoming a mother.

"It makes you a lot more conscious of everything," she says. "It makes you weigh up everything, and you realise that you're not the most important thing. It makes you a lot more aware."

When asked what advice she would pass on to her daughters, a characteristically chatty Rochelle is briefly stumped.

After some pondering, she answers: "I think I'd tell them not to worry so much about the ifs and whys. I also don't want them to go on social media for a while."

Fitting in exercise

"My youngest still has an afternoon nap and a bit of a morning nap, so I've been trying to work out while that's going on," says Rochelle, although she's not so sure how long that will last.

"What I like to do depends on the day, but I enjoy a bit of running and core exercises generally."

Making time for Marvin

Rochelle doesn't profess to be an expert in parenting. "I'm winging it a lot of the time to be honest," she says.

"If you're working and you've got kids and a relationship, it's hard to fit everything in." Her advice is simple: "Just take it a day at a time."

Scheduling date nights is important for Rochelle and Marvin. Rochelle says: "We definitely used to go on a lot more dates than we do now, but that's what happens with kids."

This doesn't mean romance has ground to a halt though - they try and go on a date every two weeks. The last night out they had was dinner at the new Nobu in Shoreditch, London.

"It was a real treat," Rochelle says. "But date nights don't have to be fancy - they can be anything really."

For Rochelle, it definitely makes things easier that they're equally hands-on with the girls and they deal with things as a unit.

"If you're strong together, it's easier," she says. "Even something as small as Marvin listening to me rant after having a really busy day at work is so helpful."

Rochelle Humes is the Specsavers ambassador for National Children's Eye Health Week. Visit Specsavers.com for further information

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