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Rock Dog: Nothing like a hound dog


By Damon Smith

A Tibetan Mastiff bows down at the altar of the rock gods and discovers the inner riff of a true hero in Ash Brannon's computer animated fable.

Bodi (voiced by Luke Wilson) is a teenage rebel who has been raised by his stern father, Khampa (JK Simmons), to guard their village, Snow Mountain, from a marauding pack of wolves led by snarling alpha Linnux (Lewis Black).

Unfortunately, Bodi's passion is music, not protecting the village, and when he neglects his duties to listen to rock god Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard) on the radio, Khampa's patience wears out.

He buys his son a bus ticket to the city and instructs Bodi to chase his dream.

Rock Dog won't be topping the box office charts, but it's mildly diverting entertainment for our nation of ardent animal lovers.

Two stars

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