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Sausage Party: Uproarious tale of foodstuffs' revolution a feast of fun

By Damon Smith

At Shopwell's supermarket, the food that festoons the aisles begins each day with a rousing song in the hope that one of the customers - "the gods" - will spirit them into dazzling white light beyond the checkouts.

Among these optimists is a sausage, Frank (Seth Rogen), who is desperate to slip between the soft and inviting bun halves of his finger roll girlfriend, Brenda (Kristen Wiig). "I just don't know why you're limiting yourself to one bun," despairs fellow hot dog Carl (Jonah Hill).

"I'm a bunogamist," proudly retorts Frank. When a jar of shell-shocked Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) is returned to Shopwell's unopened, Frank, Brenda and chums discover the so-called gods are monsters, who - gulp - consume unsuspecting foodstuffs. Firewater (Bill Hader) and his non-perishable cohorts Mr Grits (Craig Robinson) and Twink (Scott Underwood) in the alcohol aisle confirm the nightmarish truth.

While Frank sparks a supermarket revolution, taco Teresa (Salma Hayek, left) makes lusty overtures to Brenda and feminine hygiene product Douche (Nick Kroll) embarks on a murderous rampage. Sausage Party is exceedingly naughty, but nice.

Four stars

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