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Schoolgirl Chloe Morton makes £500 a month from web beauty blog with 200,000 fans

A-level student Chloe Morton tells Stephanie Bell how in just two years she's become a YouTube phenomenon

A 17-year-old Belfast schoolgirl has become an internet sensation with her homemade video tutorials on make-up and beauty. More than nine million people from around the world have watched Chloe Morton's videos on YouTube, which are packed with tips on how to achieve the latest looks, hairstyles and fashion.

In fact, the Ashfield Girls High School pupil has captured such a huge and loyal following, with an incredible 180,951 subscribers, that she is now making a living from what began as a hobby two years ago.

Leading international companies are paying for space to advertise on Chloe's videos - some of which have been viewed individually by up to half a million people.

And in what must be every teenage girl's dream, Chloe is being courted by many of the world's top make-up, beauty and fashion brands, which are sending her free samples of their new products in the hope she will feature them in her presentations.

Known as Glitteralittle, the pretty, fresh-faced brunette devotes her Sundays to recording and uploading three new videos every week.

She has turned her bedroom into her recording studio, investing in professional recording equipment and lighting with the money she makes from advertising.

Enterprising Chloe, who turned 17 on Monday, revealed that her videos have also made her something of a minor celebrity in Belfast.

She says: "I have a lot of people coming up to me in town when I am out shopping to ask if they can have their pictures taken with me which is really quite amazing.

"It's brilliant how popular the videos have become. You can check on YouTube who is watching and while I have people mostly from the UK and the US, there are also viewers from all around the world.

"Of course, it's weird to think so many people are watching you but it does make me feel proud.

"One girl from Australia who has been doing it longer than me and has a million subscribers is now also following me, which I just find amazing."

Chloe is paid by advertisers every time someone views one of her videos and she usually posts around 10 videos each month.

Last month, she worked harder than ever to record extra videos in the hope of increasing her income coming up to Christmas, resulting in her pocketing £500.

And because she doesn't have to spend the money she makes on make-up and fashion like most other girls her age, she was able to treat herself to a new iPhone 6.

This astute teen, however, has invested most of her income so far back into her business by buying professional video equipment.

She says: "I started out with a £50 Sony camera but when the videos started to take off I was able to buy a really professional camera and a MacBook.

"I watched videos online to learn how to use the video and how to edit and improve the quality of the pictures. And I got spotlights for my birthday so that people can see the colours and shades of the make-up."

All of Chloe's style and make-up tips are also self taught. She has spent many hours watching professionals online, picking up the best tricks and then practicing them in her bedroom.

Her videos show her expertly applying layers of products and colours, and she makes transforming one's appearance seem effortless.

Among the most popular of around 50 videos on her channel are My Everyday Make-up, which has been viewed 488,107 times, Getting Ready: Makeup & Hair, with 357,062 hits, and High Messy Pony Tail Tutorial, which has been watched 287,415 times

One of her latest videos - Christmas Make-up - was watched by 26,811 people in the first five days of being posted.

Chloe is currently studying for her A-levels in media studies, business studies and citizenship and then plans to develop her online hobby into a full-time business.

Her burgeoning career all started two years ago when she posted her first video. "I really loved watching other girls doing their make-up online and that inspired me to do it myself," Chloe explains.

"I've been teaching myself make-up from a very young age, just from the internet, and every day now I still spend an hour watching videos when I come home from school and then before I go to sleep. I record my videos on a Sunday as the rest of the time is taken up with studying.

"I started about two years ago and it's only in the past year it's really started to take off.

"When I started to get more of an audience, companies began to contact me to offer me some of their products. I have Mac, Clarins, Benefit, GHD and Urban Decay beauty brands as well as some clothing companies.

"It's great because when I come home from school and there is a parcel waiting for me, it is such a surprise opening it to see what is inside.

"There was one week recently when every day I came home there was something new waiting for me, but usually I get a package at least once a week.

"My bedroom is full of make-up - I've had to buy a special big drawer to keep it in and already I need another one."

Her tutorials cover everything from basic everyday make-up to more complex applications like how to achieve the perfect smokey eye look.

And while her audience is predominantly comprised of teenagers, women of all ages have tuned in to pick up tips. She's clearly popular, with hundreds of positive online comments being posted from all around the globe.

Undoubtedly part of the appeal of Chloe's videos is how she makes even more complicated looks seem like something anyone could achieve in their own bedroom as they get ready for a night out. "I do try to keep things simple, especially for young people who don't know how to apply make-up," she admits.

"But I also make a point of doing more complex ones for those who want to experiment and who already have some basic know-how.

"There are lots of tricks. One of my favourites is putting a bit of tape on the side of your eyelid to help get a straight line with your eyeliner. A lot of people find this difficult to do but the tape trick really works."

Chloe lives in east Belfast with her younger brother Callum (9) and her parents Stephen (33), a postman, and mum Natalie (33), a school cleaner.

Understandably, her parents are very proud of their enterprising daughter and brother Callum is hoping to follow in his big sister's footsteps by starting his own YouTube channel playing his favourite game, Minecraft.

Chloe has also begun to post her tips in Instagram, where she has 60,000 followers, and on Twitter, where she has another 10,000.

But she is keen to stress that acquiring make-up skills is not all about vanity - it also boosts self-esteem. "I think if you know what you are doing and can apply your make-up well, it gives you confidence, and that is especially important for teenagers," she adds.

"I love doing my films and when I leave school I hope to study for some beauty qualifications and make a full-time career out of this."

Her top ten beauty products ...

From high street to high end, here are Chloe's best buys:

1 Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, £4.19

One of my all-time favourite concealers, it provides a lot of coverage but is also amazing for highlighting under the eyes, forehead, the Cupid's bow and the nose bridge. Delivers a great glow. I think it's better than many more expensive brands

2 Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation, £34

One of the best foundations I've tried - and I've tried a lot! Perfect for normal to dry skin, as it is very hydrating. Plus, it lasts all day and provides incredible coverage without caking

3 NARS Bronzer (Laguna), £27

Totally worth the money and hype. Perfect for all skin tones as it is not too light or dark and can be applied lightly or heavily. This has a golden shimmer which helps skin to look flawless

4 The Balm Lipstick (Mai Billsbepaid), £12

This is the most stunning nude shade, which makes teeth look super white. A perfect colour for all skin tones, this is very sophisticated - and hydrating

5 Garnier Moisture Match Moisturisers, £5.99

I love this brand's moisturisers; they have a great range to suit all skin types, including oily, dry and dull. My favourite is the one for dry skin, which works well for me

6 Collection 'Does It All' 5 in 1 Mascara, £4.99

I think this gives similar results to Benefit's' 'They're Real' mascara, which costs £16.50. Gives amazing volume and length without looking clumpy

7 Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, £15

This brand creates the most amazing brow products ever. I have only recently started getting into filling in my brows, using this product makes them look really sharp and precise

8 Urban Decay Naked Palette, £37

Whenever I got this palette, I immediately fell in love with it. It has the most beautiful warm tone shades which make blue/green eyes pop. There are 12 shades in total, ranging from shimmer to matte, and it's perfect for creating loads of different looks

9 Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, £32

Ok, this is expensive, but it's an amazing product which can be used for a number of things. It's a cream bronzer with a slight golden shimmer which looks phenomenal. I use it to contour and bronze, adding extra dimension to my face. As it's a cream product, it blends amazingly. A good base for applying eyeshadow, too

10 L'Oreal Lumi Magic Primer, £9.99

Perfect for those with dry to normal skin. Use before applying foundation - it provides a base for it to stick to. This makes skin look super healthy and gives make-up all-day-long staying power

Others who have netted a profit

  • Evan (7) is the face of EvanTubeHD which makes an estimated £85,000 to £850,000 annually after YouTube's 45% cut. The US family-friendly channel where Evan reviews toys and video games has 476,000 subscribers and more than 443 million views.  According to a Newsweek interview with Jared, Evan's father, all the proceeds from the channel go into investment and savings accounts for their children
  • Bradley "The Rad Brad" Colburn is a sensation in the gaming world, for his video game "walkthroughs" in which he explains how to beat a game. His estimated annual income is between £87,000 and £880,000 and 2.32 million subscribers
  • Potemi926 are Japanese sisters, Kanna and Akira, who with the help of their parents make videos of themselves playing with toys, make-it-yourself sweets and baked goods. They earn between £105,000 and £1m a year, with 265,000 subscribers and 403 million views
  • DisneyCollectorBR is the YouTube channel of an unnamed Brazilian woman who posts videos of her playing with Disney toys, with a commentary in a very soothing voice. Parents find that they can put the videos on to help calm their kids. She makes from £320,000-£3.2m a year and has a total of 1.05m subscribers

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