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Secrets In Their Eyes review: Prime suspect and paranoia

By Damon Smith

In 2002 Los Angeles, FBI counter-terrorism officer Ray Karsten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is called to a crime scene and identifies the mutilated body of a girl as Caroline Cobb (Zoe Graham), daughter of his friend Jessica Cobb (Julia Roberts), an investigator for district attorney Martin Morales (Alfred Molina).

Flanked by his partner Bumpy Willis (Dean Norris), Ray identifies a misfit called Marzin (Joe Cole) as prime suspect. Ray and assistant DA Claire Sloan (Nicole Kidman) attempt to entrap Marzin, but Morales warns them off because the oddball is an informant in the fight against terrorism. Years later, Ray identifies a man who he believes is Marzin in disguise. He reunites with Jess and Claire to solve the case, but reopening old wounds comes at a terrible price.

Secret In Their Eyes is a competent remake of Juan Jose Campanella's Oscar-winning thriller, El Secreto De Sus Ojos.

The original film's politically charged setting - the period before Argentina's dirty war - has been replaced by the paranoia of America in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

Three stars

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