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Shining a light on the hidden life of dogs

By Simon Peach

Dogs are so much more than just man's best friend.

Beyond the animals' unconditional love and attention are astounding capabilities, intelligence and potential.

Cat Warren, in her first single-authored book, explores just that in the lovingly written What the Dog Knows, which shines a light on their capacities while at the same time offering both context and history.

The book is written around the author's experience of training her German shepherd, called Solo, to become a volunteer cadaver dog, detailing that journey while exploring the capabilities of other breeds.

The book is written in the style of an American long read and comes with an academic edge - which is little surprise given that Warren is a university professor and a former journalist - and maintains a good flow throughout.

The research is just as impressive as the writing, and the book that highlights just how special these animals really are.

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