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Six of the best bizarre gadgets

Fool your friends into thinking you have spent a fortune on them with these quirky gifts. Polly Weeks reports.

Milk it:

Long Life Milk Portable Chargers, £8.99, from

You might think £8.99 for a pint of milk is actually quite pricey, but this lactose-free carton comes with battery juice rather than dairy goodness.

The small charger comes with a 2600mAh battery, so even if your phone is completely flat, you'll be able to fully charge it up.

Just keep an eye out for the red glow that means your battery is ready to go.

It's also available in three flavours: original, banana and strawberry.

See clearly

Signalex Digital Indoor TV Aerial 30cm, £1, from

So, you've got a terrible Freeview signal at home and are getting constant requests from loved ones to do something about it.

But why bother spending lots on an aerial when this little number, priced just £1, will do the trick? The antennae can reach up to 30cm, while the 90cm lead is long enough to reach your TV.

Backseat drivers beware

Sat Nag In Car Nagging System, £8.99, from

This is the perfect present for someone you dearly love - that is, until they get in the car and backseat drive.

They'll think you've bought them an expensive satnav, but instead, when they turn it on, they'll be greeted by 20 phrases including: "In 25 metres, pull over, so I can get out, slam the door, and walk away".

As a mock satnav, it's pretty realistic, the image on the screen moves and there are street names on it, too.

Music to your ears

Alba 4GB MP3 Player - Silver, £12.99, from

You're slowly saying goodbye to your CD collection and loading up on digital music files instead.

But why bother spending hundreds on an expensive MP3 player?

This tiny little device may not come with a screen or fancy extras but what it does do - store and play your music - it does well.

With 4GB of storage, that's room for approximately 900 songs.

And it has six hours of battery life (charged via USB), so it's quite the money saver.

Clean your keyboard

Henry Computer Vac, £12, from

Vacuum cleaners can be expensive - especially when you go for one of the high-powered ones.

So if you were told you could get a Henry for £12, you'd probably be left open mouthed - until you saw the size of it.

This lovely little desktop version has been created to keep your computer keyboard as clean as a whistle.

Just insert three AA batteries and watch it suck up the dust in and around the keys.

Back it up

Massage Cushion, £10.95, from

You're trying to get a partner or friend to learn to relax, but the prospect of you splashing out on a massage for them is enough to raise your blood pressure.

This gadget will leave you both happy.

The cylindrical device is powered by two AA batteries and gently vibrates, providing relief to those with aching muscles.

It's especially good for lower back pain - just place it between you and your chair.

They'll be impressed you've spent "so much" on showing them you care, and you'll be happy to walk away with change from a £10 note.

App of the week

Atomic Fart FREE, App Store, Google Play

Embrace the true magic of April Fool's Day by using this app to create disgusting sounds when people least expect it.

It may be childish and crass, but it sure is funny.

There are 30 fart sounds to choose from and even "fart drums".

Top 10 bestselling iPhone apps

1. FaceSwap Live - Switch faces with friends & photos in live video by Laan Labs

2. The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers by TSO (The Stationery Office)

3. 7 Minute Workout Challenge by Fitness Guide Inc

4. Minecraft: Pocket Edition by Mojang

5. Hitman: Sniper by SQUARE ENIX INC

6. Facetune by Lightricks Ltd

7. Heads Up! by Warner Bros

8. Plague Inc by Ndemic Creations

9. Theory Test for Car Drivers UK - Driving Test Success by Focus Multimedia

10. MONOPOLY Game by Electronic Arts

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