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Six of the best cat gadgets

Fancy showing your feline some love? Abi Jackson paws over the gadgets worth raiding the kitty for.

Laser Quest Ferplast Phantom Laser Cat Toy, £18.99 (

SureFlap make a range of microchip-controlled mechanicals, including this pet feeder, which enables households with multiple four-legged family members to ensure each one gets their full share of grub (handy if one of your furry brood's on a special diet, too).

A lid keeps meals fresh too: simply follow the instructions to set it up, and it'll open when the desired microchip-holder approaches.

Cats love chasing things. We all love a remote control toy.

Everyone's a winner with this mechanical mouse, which can spin around and shoot forwards and backwards.

Don't expect state-of-the art robotics, but it's good fun and handy for when you want to slump on the sofa but kitty wants to play - and at this price, you can't go wrong.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser, £179.99 (

Quality pet cam: tick. Link up and watch a live feed of Tinkerbell while you're out and about: tick.

But Pawbo's capabilities go much further than that: you can also talk to your cat remotely, operate sound effects, and even play with them thanks to an in-built laser.

Best of all though, you can operate the treat dispenser, all via the free Pawbo app.

Now that really is the cat's whiskers.

In my experience, cats soon get bored of more hi-tech toys, but if your Puss can't resist a bit of peek-a-boo, then this is definitely worth a go.

Pop in some batteries (not included), and a motorised 'mouse tail' wand swings back and forth beneath the canvas cover.

The speed and direction changes at random, to keep kitty on her toes, and it can be folded away for tidy keeping afterwards.

Often, the simplest toys really do prove the biggest hit, and if you've ever kept your cat occupied with a basic laser pen, you'll know how much they love chasing those darting beams around.

This battery-operated gizmo will do all the arm-work for you.

Simply switch it on, choose one of three speed settings, and watch Puss put those pouncing skills into action.

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