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Six of the best Father's Day gadgets

For the techie-loving dad, these gadgets will make a great gift to say thank you on Sunday. Polly Weeks reports.

Beatles Rubber Soul Lava Lamp, £25,


If your dad loves his music collection almost as much as his family, this is a great gift.

The swinging Sixties can be brought to your living room with this lava lamp, which comes decorated with the Beatles Rubber Soul logo.

It's unbelievably relaxing to watch and with it being mains charged, there's no battery to replace.


Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Band - Large, Blue,



Whether he's into health and fitness or you just want to give him a gentle nudge in that direction, this fitness band will make your dad's day extra special.

Simply charge it up, put it on and check in to see how active you've been.

It's mightily addictive and whether he challenges himself to walk more steps or burn more calories, he'll soon be trying to beat his previous records.

On top of that, it comes with a heart monitor.


They say good things come in small packages and that's definitely the case with this little console.

It may be minute, but it packs a punch. Featuring 200 8-bit games, there's plenty here to keep dad entertained.

The games are old-school arcade-style and there's lots of shooting and sports-based challenges. You'll be dishing out a good portion of nostalgia with this gift.

He loves the long locks growing from his face, but you think his trendy beard is actually rather unruly.

Compromise with this bit of tech. The beard trimmer comes with 25 length settings, so whether he wants that 5 o'clock shadow or a longer hipster style, he can keep it looking neat with this trimmer and accessories.

Once charged, it will give 50 minutes of trimming time - plenty for taming that hairy situation.


KitSound Rock Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Light,



Gone are the days when a Father's Day gift would be an army knife complete with accessories. In this tech-filled world, a different type of all-in-one appeals.

This is pretty enough to look like a piece of art, but is also a speaker and light.

With a remote control, this Bluetooth speaker will belt out your music and also comes with different light options to keep dad entertained.

It's also water and dust resistant, so if you're using it outdoors and the rain starts to fall, it will remain in tip-top condition. Finally, it has a great battery - when fully charged, it will give you 18 hours playtime.


Battle UFO,



Charge it up and then let fly, literally.

This UFO will hit the skies for 10 minutes for every charge and will reach up to 10 metres away from the controller.

What makes this a good gift for Father's Day is that firstly, it's only suitable for children over 14 years (so young ones can't nag dad for a go as soon as he gets it out) and secondly, because the UFO comes in its own ball, the propellers won't cause havoc.

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