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Sleeker new Firefox as Facebook puts onus on security

* The latest version of Firefox is out, boasting a sleeker, cleaner look that's not a million miles away from rival browser Chrome.

This new version is much more flexible and customisable than before. Now you can drag buttons and commands to almost any place you like, putting the features you want close to hand and hiding everything else out of sight.

Download for free and find out lots more at

* Your Facebook account can be used to log in to thousands of other services and apps, saving you the bother of remembering another password. The problem was that there was no way to separate your Facebook identity and profile information. Now Facebook has announced a new Anonymous Login option, which means you can sign into services that support it using your Facebook details, but without handing over access to your profile information.

Security and privacy in one – nice one, Facebook.

* Do you remember typing stuff like "10 PRINT I AM COOL/20 GOTO 10" into a computer in the mid-1980s?

If so, you might be pleased to hear that the most basic of computer programming languages, Basic, just celebrated its 50th birthday and you can find out more at: www.

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