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Straight to point and learning to like the way we are

Review by Kate Whiting

All girls (and let's face it, most boys too) grow up with bits they don't like. For me, like the corkscrew-bonced narrator in Lauren Ellen Anderson's charming new picture book, it was my curly hair.

"It's messy and silly and just plain unfair!" she moans, adding the mantra for all curlytops around the world: "I want my hair straight. I want my hair ... smooth. I want it to flow through the air when I move."

So, she tries everything - books, balloons, sticky tape - to tame her frizzy locks, before meeting a straight-haired girl, who (guess what?) wants big hair.

And together, the new friends discover they actually have more fun when they like their hair.

Anderson's cute and brilliantly funny illustrations make our protagonist bounce off the page and, at its core, is a message of learning to accept our looks, however old we are.

  • I Don’t Want Curly Hair,  by Laura Ellen Anderson. Bloomsbury, £6.99.

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