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Style divas: Who would our young editors choose as their fashion icons?

Rachael Adamson (18), who lives in Holywood and attends Strathearn School

I'm choosing Holly Willoughby as my style icon. She's a voluptuous blonde known for her curves and her bubbly personality. I look up to Holly as I think she's a really good, healthy role model. She has a beautiful hourglass figure and gets the balance of sexy and sophisticated just right. I love that she doesn't try to be stick thin and embraces her curves.

One of my main pet peeves is when someone doesn't dress for their shape, but Holly knows what clothing will compliment her best assets – she's nicknamed Holly 'Willoughbooby' for a reason!

I get all my clothes from the high street and Holly seems to do so too, so getting her look is easy. You can even buy clothing from her range at Very.

I don't really find it hard to find good role models, though it can be frustrating when fashion magazines are full of wildly expensive designer clothing that is way beyond my budget.

Still, I think some of our big chains on the high street do a really good job of taking designer styles and making fashion accessible to everyone.

I also think that Alexa Chung has a really unique and inspirational style. She's known for always being ahead of the trends.

I like how she is really original, looking to Sixties icon Jane Birkin for inspiration and knowing how to pull off that effortlessly cool style. We all may not be lucky enough to have legs like hers, but I think it's easy to take from her look and translate it into whatever makes you comfortable.

Alexa is an icon to lots of young girls, not least because she seems to have a dream lifestyle as a regular at the front rows at the runways, travelling the world and appearing on TV.

I really like her mix of girly and tomboy, particularly her mini-skirts teamed with a boyish jumper and a satchel. I look to her for inspiration if I want to look laid back, but still as if I'm on my way to London Fashion Week.

Olivia Wasson (18), who lives in Belfast and attends Methodist College

I have two style icons – my ultimate one is actress Emma Watson, but I also admire the Duchess of Cambridge. Why Emma? She was thrust into the limelight when barely a teenager courtesy of the Harry Potter movies and since then she has blossomed into a confident young woman with a great fashion sense.

Unsurprisingly, Emma frequently makes the best dressed lists for her perfect combination of elegance and understated glamour. Most recently, she wore a stunning Ralph Lauren halterneck dress for the Noah premiere. I also love the shoots she has done for brands like Burberry.

Although few of us are likely to have to find the perfect outfit for walking the red carpet as Emma does, I think she is still very relevant to young women my age – not least because she is not that much older.

In many ways we have grown up with Emma since her first appearance as Hermione in Harry Potter through to the 20-year-old who chopped off all her hair to the beautiful 23-year-old of today.

Undoubtedly she has a great sense of style, but she is also stylish because of the type of woman she is. There has been a refreshing lack of scandal as regards Emma – no drugs, no Twitter fights. Instead, she's a great role model for young women everywhere. And I think that blend of good fashion taste and great personality is the main reason why so many of us try to mimic her style.

Put bluntly, girls want to be like her, guys want to be with her.

In many ways, that is also why the Duchess of Cambridge is something of a style icon too. It's not just what she wears, but also the sort of person she comes across as.

I really admire how Kate copes with the demands of such a high profile role – she has just arrived for a three week tour of New Zealand and Australia and every move will be scrutinised by the world's media.

And I also like how she copes with the pressures of having to look a certain way and dress appropriately for a young royal. Kate's style has to be conservative yet she manages to keep it fashionable. And it's good that she also wears some pieces from the high street.

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