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Taking the heat out of showering

Time-saving method may be having a detrimental effect your skin health, discovers Katie Wright


Morning routine: but water that’s too hot could be bad for your face

Morning routine: but water that’s too hot could be bad for your face


Morning routine: but water that’s too hot could be bad for your face

Whether it's first thing in the morning or last thing at night, shower routines vary from person to person.

Some people adopt a lightning-fast wash-and-go approach, while others indulge in full-body preening.

Chances are washing your face is included as part of your shower routine. But did you know this could be bad for your skin if the water you use to clean your body is too hot for your face?

"Despite the widespread belief that hot water helps open pores for cleansing, there is little evidence to support this," says consultant dermatologist Dr Juber Hafiji, talking on behalf of Cetraben.

"Beyond it being a myth, using water which is too hot can increase the chances of your skin drying out. Hot water can damage sensitive skin tissue and strip the skin of its natural oils that help form a protective barrier," he adds.

Sujata Jolly, founder and CEO of Clinogen, isn't against the idea of face-washing in the shower, but with a caveat.

"Not only does it save time, it also means you will remove residue of your cleanser completely," she says. "However, I would always advise that if washing your hair, you shampoo, condition, and then cleanse your face and neck and rinse with warm water."

As for what products to use, the experts say it's important to choose a cleanser based on your skin type.

For normal skin, Jolly says: "I recommend a daily cleanser and exfoliant such Radiance by SJ3 Cleanser & Exfoliant (£31.84, Win Health Medical).

"For acne-prone skin, Radiance by SJ3 Oxypeel Foaming Milk (£31.20, Win Health Medical), which uses 'micro-bubble technology', is ideal. And if you have dry or eczema-prone skin, a cream-based cleansing product is likely to be the most effective for you," Dr Hafiji says, citing Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream (£6.99, Boots) as an example.

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