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Terror movie is a matter of life and death

Review: Eye In The Sky (15, 102 mins)

Operation Cobra has been tracking British men and women linked to Somali group al-Shabaab. One high-profile target is under surveillance at a house in Kenya. Lt General Frank Benson (Alan Rickman) takes control of the operation from London, while Foreign Secretary James Willett (Iain Glen) watches a video feed from a US drone.

At a command base in Sussex, Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) explains the objective is "to capture not kill". But when footage reveals targets in the house are wearing suicide vests primed for an imminent attack, priorities change. The clock is ticking.

Meanwhile, drone pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) notices a nine-year-old girl (Aisha Takow) selling bread near the target house, who would be killed in a missile strike.

With the precision of a drone missile, Gavin Hood's film begs uncomfortable questions about matters of life and death.

Three stars

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