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The night I took Pride of place at Grand Ole Opry with Charley

One of my outstanding memories is of the night I shared the stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville with country superstar Charley Pride.

Promoter Jim Aiken, who has since passed away, was up there in the spotlight, too.

I like to think a little of the applause was for me. After all, Charley had just coaxed me into singing a verse of The Crystal Chandelier with him. Earlier in the evening, as Charley rose to leave a plush downtown Nashville restaurant after the three of us finished dinner, other diners got to their feet to give him a spontaneous round of applause.

Now he's coming back for the umpteenth time to Northern Ireland to play the Harvest Festival in Enniskillen in August, and he and I will share another meal and raise our glasses to Jim.

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