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The secret of having a baby is all in the name

If you are called Jessica, Ashley or Brittany, you are more likely to get pregnant next year. Kate Ng asks why

Women aged between 28 and 29 are most likely to become first-time mothers in 2016 - and that means that if your name is on the following list, it could be you.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average age of women who give birth for the first time is 28.5, as of 2014. Anyone born between 1988 and 1989 will be in that age range in 2016.

It can then be reasonably suggested, according to research carried out by The Independent, that women between the ages of 28 or 29 next year will be more likely to fall pregnant. Stars who may be welcoming a bundle of joy next year could include High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale (30), who married Christopher French last year. In a recent interview she claims there are no baby plans for a while, but if this report is correct junior could arrive in 2016.

Meanwhile, acclaimed actress Jessica Chastain, who remains tight-lipped about her age although she is believed to be 38, may also need to be thinking about furnishing a nursery. Sh has been dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposula and is enigmatic on the subjects of marriage and having a family in interviews preferring to concentrate on her career.

And recently married Jennifer Aniston may also decide next year is the time to start a family - aged 46.

In 2014, 52% of all live births were to mothers aged 30 and over, marking a running trend of women entering motherhood at later stages of their lives.

The ONS attributes this trend to a number of possible factors, including:

■ Increased participation in higher education

■ Increased female participation in the labour force

■ The increasing importance of a career

■ The rising opportunity costs of childbearing

■ Labour market uncertainty

■ Housing factors

■ Instability of partnerships

Chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service Ann Furedi was reported as saying: "UK mothers are now on average older than women elsewhere in the world when they have their first baby."

The top 20 most popular female baby names in 1988 and 1989, according to international parenting website BabyCenter, are:

■ Jessica

■ Ashley

■ Brittany

■ Amanda

■ Sarah

■ Jennifer ■ Stephanie

■ Nicole

■ Lauren

■ Elizabeth

■ Megan

■ Tiffany

■ Emily

■ Amber

■ Heather

■ Melissa

■ Danielle

■ Rachel

■ Kayla

■ Michelle

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