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The Sense Of An Ending: Past returns to haunt father


Anthony Webster (Jim Broadbent) spends lazy days behind the counter of his vintage camera shop, and long lunch breaks with ex-wife Margaret (Harriet Walter), with whom he is on amicable terms. Their daughter, Susie (Michelle Dockery), is heavily pregnant and Anthony attends antenatal classes in place of her partner.

Out of the blue, he receives a letter from a solicitor to inform him Sarah Ford (Emily Mortimer), mother of his ex-girlfriend, Veronica (Charlotte Rampling), has left him a treasure in her will.

It turns out to be the diary of a school chum, Adrian Finn (Joe Alwyn), who took his own life at university after he became one point of a messy love triangle with Anthony and Veronica.

This is a delicate drama about a retired father whose cosy suburban bubble is burst by evidence of a misdeed from his university days.

Three stars

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