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Theatre: Orphan's tale of risky romance

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Pensioner. The Old Courthouse, Antrim Sunday, 7.30pm

By Grania McFadden

Framed by the story of how Neil Delamere accompanied his father on the last meals-on-wheels delivery the octogenarian ever undertook, this one-man show recalls how they both rushed home to watch the horse race his dad had bet on.

For details, contact the box office on tel: 028 9442 8331.

The Colleen Bawn, Lyric Theatre, Belfast

April 7-28, 7.45pm

Dion Boucicault's tale has its basis in a real murder case from Co Clare. The story of a gentleman's desire to free himself from a secret marriage to a peasant girl in order to remarry and secure his property is given a more upbeat ending than was the case.

In Boucicault's version, Hardress Cregan doesn't set out to murder his betrothed, but hopes that she might conveniently disappear. For details, contact the box office on tel: 028 9038 1081.

Jane Eyre, Grand Opera House, Belfast

Tonight and tomorrow, 7.30pm

Orphan Jane Eyre grows up knowing little kindness. She accepts a position as governess at Thornfield Hall, owned by the mysterious Mr Rochester. As their romance develops, Rochester's hidden past threatens them both.

For details, contact the box office on tel: 028 9024 1919.

We'll Walk Hand in Hand, The Market Place Theatre, Armagh

Thursday, 8pm

Martin Lynch's drama about the civil rights movement tells the story of Vincent and Lesley, who meet at university in 1967 and find themselves at the centre of student reaction to the grouping.

For details, contact the box office on tel: 028 3752 1821.

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