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Theatre: Poignant look at love and loss

Lovers: Winners & Losers, Lyric Theatre, Belfast - Until June 10, 7.45pm

A Doll's House

Director Emma Jordan's glorious production introduces us to two couples. Joe and Mag are teenagers in the grip of first love. Andy and Hanna have been together for many years. By the end of the evening, it's not clear who are the winners and who the losers. But the poignancy of Friel's writing, performed here by an outstanding cast, shows why not all love stories have a happy ending. Do not miss. Tel: 028 9038 1081.

A Doll's House

Market Place, Armagh

June 1, 8pm

Mr and Mrs Helmer are the iconic power couple. They excel at work, staying on top, socialising. They excel at excelling. But as his autobiography rolls out around Christmas, it seems there are a few things that Mr Helmer may not have mentioned in the foreword. Exploring stigmas around gender expectations and mental health, this adaptation of Ibsen's classic focuses on the impossible idolisation of one 'perfect' woman, by a man who walks with weights around his ankles. For details, tel: 028 3752 1821.

The Nature of Forgetting

The MAC, Belfast

Until June 3, 7.45pm

It's Tom's birthday. He's 55.

Tom has dementia. He sits in a chair at one moment, and in the next he's back at school, or sharing his first kiss, reliving happier days. This moving, poignant drama is a powerful, explosive and joyous piece about what is left when memory is gone. For details, tel: 028 9023 5053

The Vagina Monologues

Lyric Theatre Belfast

June 1 and 2, 8pm

Written two decades ago, Monologues still packs a powerful punch as it explores female anatomy, trauma and pleasure. The cast includes Brenda Winter, Nandi Jola and Sarah Reid. Expect to laugh, gasp, cry and shout in a show that talks about women but should be heard by everyone.

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