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There's a nice ring to Ciaran and Ailish's new golden hit

On song: Ciaran Rosney and Ailish McBride
On song: Ciaran Rosney and Ailish McBride
George Jones with Tammy Wynette who made Golden Ring famous

By Hugo Duncan

This time last year, Ciaran Rosney was getting ready to launch his new band. Since then, the popular singer has made steady progress on the country dancing circuit and has also achieved success in the recording sphere.

Right now, though, Ciaran is playing a part in helping to mould the career of another young singer.

Ailish McBride hails from Donegal and is the latest talented performer to emerge from the north west.

She has teamed up with Ciaran and together they have released Golden Ring, the song made famous by country stars George Jones and Tammy Wynette in 1976.

The passage of time has certainly not dimmed the appeal of the number and both Ciaran and Ailish certainly do it more than justice.

Indeed, Ciaran is proving a tremendous source of encouragement as he is her mentor on the popular TG4 Glor Tire show, which has proved the launch-pad for so much fresh talent in recent years.

Nor are Ciaran and Ailish the only duo to release a new record right now.

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The popular Country Features, alias Florence and Robbie, have also released a new song, which will certainly help to cement their popularity.

The number is entitled Baby, We're Really In Love and shows them at their best.

The duo have been together for quite a number of years and, in that time, they have appeared right across the province as well as in England and Scotland.

And also stepping into the spotlight is Barry Stuart, son of the late Gene Stuart, who looks to have inherited his father's singing ability. Barry has just released a compilation of numbers originally recorded by his late father, including Dim Lights, Sweet Smoke and Loud, Loud Music, a song with which his father was synonymous. The release will mark the anniversary of Gene's death on February 11.

Barry is certainly talented and I suspect that we will be hearing a lot more about him as time goes on.

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