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Thought for the weekend

By Rev Gareth Burke

While lying in bed early on Wednesday morning listening to the news on the radio I was somewhat surprised to hear a reporter declare: 'Today is judgment day'. I was alarmed because my mind instinctively went to the Bible where we are told that there will be a Judgement Day when Jesus comes again in power and glory. However, as I listened further to the voice coming from the radio I realised that the judgment day he was referring to was the judgment of the Supreme Court. Wednesday, of course, was the day on which the top legal minds in the land were making their pronouncements on the rightness or wrongness of the proroguing of Parliament.

Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile thing to reflect on the Day of Judgement. In Matthew 25: 31-46 we are given a vivid picture of what that day will be like. It's true to say that we don't know exactly when it will be but we know for sure that it will occur. Jesus will come from heaven in power and glory. Among the many things that will happen on that day there will be this incredible gathering together of all men and women from all the ages of time. Jesus is very clear that there will be no absentees on that day when he sits on the throne of judgement and separates all mankind into two groups. One group - the sheep - are placed on his right hand. The other group - the goats - are placed on his left hand. The sheep are those who have a living faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. The goats are those who do not have this faith. Jesus is clear - we will be in one group or the other.

Some feel that this kind of teaching is all rather dark and unloving. We must, however, not lose sight of the fact that it is Jesus himself who is speaking in Matthew 25. The One who is love is speaking of the Day of Judgement.

We need to realise that what happens on that day is of far more significance that the ruling of the Supreme Court on Wednesday past.

Whether we are with the sheep or the goats is of eternal significance.

Time to reflect and to consider - 'Which side am I on? Am I numbered with the sheep or the goats?

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