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Tiffany Brien: Me & my health

By Helen Carson

The 25-year-old lives in Holywood, Co Down and is a valuer at Simon Brien Residential estate agents. The former Miss Northern Ireland says early nights and keeping to a routine are key to her fitness regime.

Do you take regular exercise - and if so, what?

Yes, I train regularly and will exercise five times a week. Two days I will be at Peak Physique, where I have my own routine which will involve a mix of cardio and weights. I also have a personal trainer who I train with two nights of the week, as well as getting out on my bike. And I am always taking part in runs.

What's been the worst illness you have ever had?

Thankfully, I've never had any illnesses that have been major. Fortunately, I've never actually been badly injured or broken a bone either. I've been very lucky not to have anything wrong with me healthwise.

How healthy is your diet?

It's pretty good Monday to Friday, because I stick to a routine. I try to keep my diet healthy and not drink coffee or eat treats in the office on weekdays, although I will relax more at the weekend. I love my NutriBullet for shakes and green juices - so that's my breakfast. For lunch, I make all my own soups and salads because if I didn't I know I would eat something I shouldn't ... unless my dad (Simon Brien) takes me out for my lunch, in which case I will have something good. If I don't prepare my meals for the week ahead, then I will end up buying something naughty. It is important to be organised to keep to that routine.

Any bad habits?

I never skip breakfast, as I would be way too hungry. I do love pizza and chocolate, so it is really hard in the office. I have a lot of collegues and someone always brings in cake. Plus, happy customers leave in chocolates and buns. When it's your birthday you bring in buns ... and a lot of people work here. I have got used to it now, though.

Do you drink/smoke - and if so how much?

I don't smoke, but I do drink - although not during the week. I would have a drink maybe one weekend a month when I have a night out with friends and we will go into town. Because I am always doing things and like going out on my bike, I don't like the way I feel if I've had a few drinks. Drinking tires me out and I like to be doing sports at the weekend, but obviously I like to go out too sometimes - it's all about balance.

Do you take any health supplements?

I take vitamin C and multi-vitamins. I have done my own research with nutritionists to make sure I'm eating a good diet, especially as I train so hard and work a 10-hour day in addition to modelling assignments and writing my blog ( I also do the odd 5k and 10k runs. I enjoy everything I do.

How do you take time out?

I always make time for my friends and family and love organising events for us to go to. And there is nothing nicer than meeting up with people for brunch. A lot of my friends are married and have children, but we always manage to find time to get together. Last weekend, I met up with friends to watch the rugby and have a few drinks, then the next day I headed off to Donaghadee on the bike.

How well do you sleep?

I'm in bed at 9.30pm during the week - I just can't be up late any more. After the gym and a shower I'm in bed, where I'll watch something on Netflix.

Do you worry about getting old?

Not really. I am enjoying myself at the minute. I am getting a house and will be visiting friends in Dubai in a few months where I had worked recently. I have a good job and there are exciting things happening - I am living for the moment, spending my money on what I want to. My mum has told me to enjoy this time before I have a family. While I love having facials and beauty treatments, it is too early to say if I would consider using Botox or surgery - I will decide when the time is right.

What is your go-to product/habit that keeps you feeling healthy?

I love being able to switch off my phone and not having to talk to anyone when I leave for the gym. Keeping on top of my training routine means I feel ready for anything.

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