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To be quite Frank, I am still no wiser on Roosevelt relationships

By Eddie McIlwaine

I was saying a while back that it was a puzzle to me working out if the two American Presidents called Roosevelt were related, even though there were years between them.

To add to the confusion, in one pub quiz the answer was that Theodore and Franklin D (FDR), the wartime leader and friend of Churchill, were related in some distant way.

Then weeks later at another quiz the quizmaster was adamant that there was no connection.

But now George Adair of Sunnylands Avenue, Carrick, claims that Theodore, the 26th President (born 1858, died 1919), was a distant cousin of Franklin D the 32nd President (born 1882, died 1945).

George further points out that Franklin married Eleanor, a niece of Theodore, who became a political figure in her own right.

She died in 1962, aged 78.

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