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Tried and tested: is it worth investing in a travel hairdryer?

We review mini hairdryers ranging in price from £20 to £59

Hannah Stephenson
Hannah Stephenson
Tresemme Travel Hair Dryer, £20, Boots
Sam Wylie-Harris
BaByliss Travel Pro Hair Dryer, currently £30 (from £40), ASOS
Georgia Humphreys
GHD Flight Saharan Gold Travel Hairdryer, £59

By Katie Wright

Can a device at least half the size of a regular model really deliver or are you better to forget blowdrying altogether and embrace the au naturel look? And crucially, is it worth the extra weight in your luggage?

In a bid to find out, our intrepid travellers took three grooming gadgets away to put them through their paces...

1. Hannah tried: Tresemme Travel Hair Dryer, £20, Boots

"If you have dull, lifeless, fine hair, like myself, and really need some power to give your locks any lift at all, this petite powerhouse of a dryer packs a punch which will leave many larger models in the starting blocks.

"Thanks to its 2000W fast dry motor, on a weekend away in the countryside it dried my hair quicker than my regular dryer at home and left it with far more bounce than usual, even without adding any product to my short style beforehand.

"It's uncomplicated, with two heat and speed settings - although I only ever use the hottest and the fastest - but the concentrator nozzle gets the power exactly where you want it, whether in the roots or further down.

"As for travel-friendliness, like many other dryers, the handle folds down for ease of packing and storage, although it's slightly heavier than other travel dryers I've used.

But if you aren't bothered about how heavy your suitcase is likely to be, the blow-dry you'll get on your holiday from this excellent travel dryer will be worth its weight in gold."

2. Sam tried: BaByliss Travel Pro Hair Dryer, currently £30 (from £40), ASOS

"On a recent trip to France I decided to pack a blowdryer instead of relying on the one in the hotel room - a lucky choice considering it was fitted to the wall with minimum power for longish, thick, wavy hair.

"While this BaByliss model doesn't fold up like some and isn't particularly lightweight, the matt black handle is easy to grip, feels good and the rose gold trimming adds some extra wow factor.

"With a long lead (2.5m) for sockets that are difficult to reach - typical of hotel rooms - I was able to sit in comfort in front of the dressing table mirror and dry my locks.

"At 1600 watts with two speed settings, I was able to quickly dry my hair and get some curl and bounce going, and the nozzle meant I could focus on getting a wave at the front.

"With a cold shot button, turbo motor and quick results, I'd definitely recommend this portable model."

3. Georgia tried: GHD Flight Saharan Gold Travel Hairdryer, £59

"I've always admired GHD for their sleek-looking yet efficient products and this hairdryer did not disappoint. Not only is it both light and super compact - I love how it neatly folds in half, perfect for even a cabin bag - it's powerful too, with two heat/speed settings to choose from, plus a cool air mode.

"Because I usually take a normal size hairdryer away on holiday, I did find it took a while longer to dry my (admittedly very thick) hair when using this in Bali - maybe it could do with being a teeny bit hotter.

"My only other request would be a slightly longer cord.

"But considering how effective it was for styling - I loved the results of blow drying it both curly and straight and how it left my hair frizz-free and silky - I've been using it on home soil too. This is one nifty tool."

The verdict:

If you've found yourself frustrated at hotel hairdryers in the past, these pint-sized devices prove that small can also be mighty and they're definitely worth investing in. The surprise is, you don't need to choose the top of the range to get the best results. The Tresemme Travel Hair Dryer is our pick of the bunch and, at just £20, it's a bargain to boot.

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