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We look at six of the best gadgets for your holiday


Cardboard Smartphone Projector, £19.99, from firebox.com

Cardboard Smartphone Projector, £19.99, from firebox.com


SULAN Premium Bag Tag Smartphone Charger in Magenta Crocos

SULAN Premium Bag Tag Smartphone Charger in Magenta Crocos


Slim Sonic Portable Electric Toothbrush

Slim Sonic Portable Electric Toothbrush


Cardboard Smartphone Projector, £19.99, from firebox.com

Leave heavy, clunky gadgets at home when you holiday and instead opt for these lightweight gizmos. They make great travel companions.


Slim Sonic Portable Electric Toothbrush, Silver 2, £14.95, from johnlewis.com

Don't want to swap your electric toothbrush and charger for a traditional but lighter non-electric number? This little portable toothbrush will be perfect for short breaks. You can leave the plug socket at home as it's charged via one AAA battery and it cleans at a rather powerful rate of 22,000 oscillations per minute. Size wise, it's not that much bigger than a lipstick - and like the common lip tint, it's cased in its own tube so you'll be able to keep the head nice and clean when you're not using it.


SULAN Premium Bag Tag Smartphone Charger in Magenta Crocos, £49.95, from cuckooland.com

A great attachment for your hand luggage, not only does this lovely leather tag make your bag easy to spot, it also works as a nifty charger. Coming with a 3000mAh rechargeable battery, you simply connect it to your device using a micro USB connector. Whether it's your phone, camera or tablet, you can quickly give your battery a boost and it holds enough charge to refuel your phone one and a half times. While it connects directly to Android smartphones, you will need an adaptor for Apple devices.


Cardboard Smartphone Projector, £19.99, from firebox.com

If you fancy reclining in your hotel room and watching TV only to find you're struggling to find any channels in English, then this little gadget will suit. Made from cardboard, it is, of course, very lightweight. However, it will turn your phone into a projector - so if you have free Wi-Fi in the room and subscribe to any online streaming services (such as Netflix) you can pop your favourite show on your phone, stick it in this contraption and, as long as you have a flat wall, you and your travelling companions can watch it without huddling around your little screen. Considering it's just £19.99 (or £15.99 if you want to put it together yourself), it's not a bad summer holiday investment.


Black Diamond Ember Power Light Flashlight, £40, from outside.co.uk

Particularly useful if you're camping, this small hand-held torch is handy if you're trying to avoid tripping over pegs after the sun goes down. To put the torch on full power, simply touch the inverted button near the head of it. To dim the light, just hold the button down and it will reduce in power, tap it again and it will turn off. The torch is just half the gadget's purpose though - you can also charge your devices with it. Once it's charged just use the cable that comes with it to boost your phone battery. It's a good sleek torch that will quickly become a travelling must-have.


JAM Titanium Wireless Pocket Speaker, £49.99 from Tesco

Small in size with a titanium casing that makes it lightweight, and powerful, well-rounded sound, this speaker is a great travel accessory. It's unbelievably simple to set up - charge it with the cable provided, turn it on, connect it via Bluetooth (on your device look out for the cleverly named 'Jam Titanium' on the available devices list), then play your music. That's it. It works up to 10 metres away and if you're connecting your phone to it, you can use it as a speakerphone to answer calls - very useful if your mobile is in another room. If you would prefer to use a cable rather than Bluetooth, simply connect your device via the micro USB slot.


Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000, £44.99, from currys.co.uk

There are plenty of power packs on the market but this Belkin one has something a lot of the others don't: two USB ports. So, if you're heading out for a day's sightseeing only to find both your phone and tablet are running low on juice, whip this little gizmo out. Small and convenient to pop in your backpack, one port offers up 2.5Amp and the other, 1Amp. While the 9000 does take a while to charge up, it really does hold a lot of power - in fact 9,000mAh of it. That's plenty to top up your phone several times. What's more, you can keep an eye on how much battery power remains in the device as it comes with LED indicators.

App of the week

TripAdvisor, free from Google Play and iTunes

TripAdvisor is often the first port of call for many of us when looking for reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions, and their app is a great option, whether you're looking for inspiration before or during your holiday.

What you might not have realised though, is that through the app you can download offline maps covering 300 cities worldwide.

Check in before you travel to see if your destination is one of the many covered.

Top 10 bestselling apps

1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition by Mojang

2. Scotland Yard by Ravensburger Digital

3. Tipping Point by Barnstorm Games

4. AirReceiver

5. Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games

6. Lifeline by 3 Minute Games

7. Cryptic Labyrinth by 3D Methods

8. The Chase by Barnstorm Games

9. Terraria by 505 Games

10. Minecraft Skin Studio by 57Digital Ltd

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