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We try out six of the best neighbour gadgets for readers

Want to build a better relationship with your neighbours? Start by investing in these gadgets. By Polly Weeks.


Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer, £79, from

Whether it's the paving slabs on your drive or on the patio in your front garden, it's easy to ignore the dirt that builds up.

However, if your neighbours' gardens are spick and span, you may be letting the side down.

Forget spending hours with a scrubbing brush, just use a pressure washer. Karcher are market leaders and their simple, but effective K2 model will leave your outside space gleaming.

Attach the hose, use the patio cleaner and the dirt blaster and through the power of water (and detergent for stubborn stains) you can wave goodbye to built-up grime.


Xqisit BH100 stereo Bluetooth headphones, £19.99, from

You're a bit of a night owl and love nothing more than watching your favourite TV programme until the early hours.

Your neighbours however aren't so keen on having to listen to your show when they're trying to get to sleep.

That's where these well-priced headphones come in, that is if your TV comes with Bluetooth capabilities (or you've invested in a Bluetooth audio transmitter). Connect them up to your TV and while you lie on the sofa watching Game Of Thrones, the audio will transmit through the headset so your neighbours can catch some zzzz's. If you're unable to use Bluetooth, it also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable. Obviously this is also a great solution if you're into gaming/listening to music at anti-social hours.


Tabcat Pack, £69.99, from

You love your cat, but you're pretty certain your neighbours aren't so keen on you shouting into your garden late at night, calling for Whiskers to come home. Well, with this device you can train your cat to return at a click of a button - whether he's just hiding in your garden, your neighbours' (naughty!) or on a nearby street. The cat-locating device, sees a lightweight splash-proof tab attach to your cat's collar then, when you activate the corresponding handset, the tab will beep and the device you're holding will guide you to your puss via lights. A red glow will mean you're in the range of your cat and as you get closer will shine amber and then green. When your cat returns, give it a treat so it learns to associate the beep with food and come running when you activate it.


Noke Bluetooth Padlock,



Partial to a bit of online shopping? If so, you're probably used to returning home to find a 'left with your neighbour' card.

That's fine for the odd occasion, but if it's more frequent, they'll get sick of signing and housing your goods. That's where this Bluetooth padlock steps in. Perfect if you've got a shed/outdoor box which can double up as a storage unit for your new purchases, the padlock connects to your smartphone and locks/unlocks when you're nearby. Not only does it do away with the need for a key (hence the name), but you can grant access to others. With deliveries in mind, you can text the courier a one-time quick-click code to use. Obviously this means when you order you'll need to leave instructions for someone to call you on the day, but more often than not, you'll get a call/notification telling you they're on the way anyway.


Gtech HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer and Branch Cutter, £149.95,

from (available June)

Your hedge is getting out of control and your neighbours are dropping lots of hints about no longer getting sunshine in their garden.

With this new-to-the-market gadget you'll speed through your hedge trimming duties quickly and effortlessly.

Charge up the lithium-ion battery and you'll have 45 minutes of powerful cutting ahead of you. It comes with an 18v motor, but, most importantly, weighs just 2.2kg so your arms won't be aching by the end.

On top of that, the blades cut through stems up to 15mm thick and the additional cutter will make light work of sawing through branches.


Sound Asleep Original Speaker Pillow, £12.99, from

You find it hard to drift off without music. The only problem is, once you fall asleep, you're known to stay in the land of nod through the subsequent tunes banging out on the stereo.

Your neighbours on the other hand can hear them clearly.

So, rather than listening to something with a big speaker, invest in this affordable pillow. It connects to your MP3 player/phone via a 3.5mm stereo jack plug and will play your music through the hollow fibre pillow filling.

What's more, if your more immediate neighbour - your partner who's lying next to you - wants to go to sleep before you're ready, you're in luck.

The pillow is so effective that while you'll be able to hear music clearly, they won't hear a peep.

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