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We try out the six best bathroom scales on the market

Keep tabs on weight, body fat, BMI and even the weather

By David Phelan

The best bathroom scales are the most accurate. Basic models show weight, more advanced ones add body fat and body water percentages, or even simple weather forecasts (so you can plan what to wear). Body fat is measured by the scales sending a tiny, imperceptible electric current through your bare feet (which means they're not suitable for pacemaker-wearers). Body Mass Index (BMI) is a guide to healthy body weight, based on your height. Advanced scales have Wi-Fi built in to save your measurements to an app or website, so you can track changes and spot trends over time. Scales were tested for accuracy, speed and simplicity of use.

1. Withings Body Cardio: £140, Apple

These slick scales have a lot of information to share. And because they have Wi-Fi, you can check measurements over a period of time on the accompanying smartphone app which works with iPhones and Android handsets. As well as weight, they calculate BMI, fat composition, muscle mass, water content, and pulse wave velocity, a useful indicator of heart health - and they tell the weather, too. It has a rechargeable battery, too.

2. Tanita BC730/GREEN Innerscan: £40, Amazon

The compact and lightweight Innerscan has a big display that can show two metrics at a time and recognises who you are automatically when you step aboard. The Tanita calculates weight, BMI, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass and even work your metabolic age..

3. Salter MiBaby Mother and Baby: £25, John Lewis

These scales let you weigh yourself as normal using 'adult mode'. But switch to 'baby mode' and it cleverly resets the scale to zero when you've weighed yourself so when you get back on the scales holding baby, it just displays your child's weight. The supplied PC software and height chart makes it easy to measure your baby's BMI, too.

4. ColourMatch Spots: £13, Argos

Here's another affordable option if you just want to know your weight. With a range of colour options this can measure weights of up to 150kg. It runs from a button cell battery which is supplied and lasts for months.

5. Fitbit Aria: £72, Amazon

The Aria tells you your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index. It has Wi-Fi so it saves your measurements, and those of up to seven others, to a website and smartphone app available for iPhone and Android. Like the Withings, you can choose to display weight in pounds, stones and pounds or kilograms. If you have a Fitbit activity tracker, this is a great companion.

6. Salter Magnifying Mechanical Scales: £13.95, Amazon

Sometimes it can be hard to read bathroom scales because your eyes aren't close to your feet (obviously). These basic scales have a clever solution: in the middle of the window where the red needle indicates weight, the glass magnifies what's beneath. Fine on hard or carpeted surfaces, these scales measure up to 130kg, or 20st 6lbs.


The Withings scale is the most versatile and well-informed, and even has smartphone apps that offer sound health advice, while the Tanita is the best-value machine that measures a wide range of metrics.

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