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Will Beeb have the last laugh?

By Janet Street-Porter

I'm loving Jennifer Saunders who has come up with some pithy put-downs, during promotion of her autobiography Bonkers: My Life in Laughs which is published this week. Describing changes in the culture at the BBC, Saunders (above) said: "They just became a corporate, executive-run place for idiots ... What are these titles? ...Now they have things like workshops for heads of departments on decision-making and you think: 'If you're the head of a ******* department at the BBC and you don't know how to make a decision, why are you in that job?'" Go girl! This kamikaze strategy could either yield a new Jennifer Saunders series for BBC1 or she'll be condemned to writing another stage musical – perhaps one based on life in a rancid TV studio in Manchester.


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