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Willows favourite returns to charm another generation of young readers

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The New Adventures of Mr Toad

The New Adventures of Mr Toad

The New Adventures of Mr Toad

Five months after we were treated to the first in a new series of Wind In The Willows-inspired adventures, Tom Moorhouse and Holly Swain are back with a second - and it's just as pacy, clever and fun.

In A Race For Toad Hall, we were introduced to a younger generation of animal companions: Girl toad Teejay and her friends Ratty and Mo, who stumbled upon the original Mr Toad, locked in his own Ice House (and preserved) by the dastardly weasels.

The trio teamed up with Mr T and Mrs Badger to win back Toad Hall from the weasels - and now Toad is renovating his home with the help of a band of dubious squirrels.

As they remove his antique furniture and replace it with innumerable gadgets, including runaway Hoovers and a malfunctioning fried-egg machine, Teejay and co start to suspect the squirrels aren't who they claim to be - and soon they're helping the irrepressible toad win back his home all over again.

A sparkling standalone read filled with Holly Swain's jump-off-the-page, green-toned drawings. We're glad Mr Toad lives on.

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