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World War 2 drama is an insult to memory of fallen

Here I go nit-picking again, you'll say. But, in my opinion, after the horror of the Second World War and all those soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives to save us from Nazi rule, the drama SS-GB should never have been produced.

This shocking BBC1 series imagines that, in 1941, Hitler had won the Battle of Britain and the war.

Our saviour, Winston Churchill, is dead and Buckingham Palace is adorned in swastikas and stands crumbling.

SS-GB will go on every Sunday night on the BBC for the next number of weeks and the plot is an insult to the memory of the fallen.

The new drama has had a mixed reception, which only goes to prove there are viewers out there who share my distaste.

We should just be grateful that we defeated the Nazis and won the war and leave well enough alone.

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