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Yule never believe what day it is

By Eddie McIlwaine

Today is my birthday, but once upon a time, long ago before I was around, this was Christmas Day.

You see, an early tradition claimed that the day Mary was informed she would give birth to a special baby was March 25.

And nine months after that March 25 date is December 25.

Early Christians thought March 25 was also the day the world had been made, so celebrated it as Christmas.

Some people also think that December 25 might have been chosen as the birth date, because it coincided with the winter solstice, which is known as Yule in some places.

I can tell you this: nobody ever wished me Happy Christmas on my birthday, or pulled a cracker with me.

There are Orthodox Churches out there, I'm told, that celebrate Christmas on January 7, which would have been the right date on the old Julian calendar.

All very confusing, but at least today, I know I'm another year older.

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