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Zoe Salmon's husband reveals how he copes with her jet-setting lifestyle

Exclusive Butcher hubby Will shares his secrets to wedded bliss

Zoe and Will
Zoe and Will
Miss Northern Ireland

They're currently building their dream home together - and, says husband Will Corrie, those strong foundations reflect their marriage too. "This is the home that we will be spending the rest of our lives in and we want it to be perfect," he explains.

"It's beside our existing home - in sunny Newtownards - so we get to see the daily progress which is exciting. It's an extremely daunting process. It's a massive thing for us to do this together, but it's been years in the planning.

"I was fortunate enough to build the house that we are living in at the moment, so thankfully I do have a good idea of what we are letting ourselves in for."

Former Blue Peter presenter Zoe (38) and 32-year-old Will have been together for seven years - the last two of which have been as a married couple.

One of their biggest challenges, Will reveals, is spending time together.

"We make it work," he says. "We both have busy lives and try to spend as much time together as we can but it's hard sometimes. Our future will always be in Northern Ireland. I can't think of anywhere else I would rather live."

Although solicitor-turned-TV star Zoe's work means she's often out of the country, both she and Will are determined to share quality time in that packed diary.

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"Zoe has just returned from working in London and is off to Manchester too, for the celebrations marking 60 years of Blue Peter. She is constantly back and forth."

Asked how he deals with his wife's high-profile career, Will's response is: "I'm extremely laid back."

He quipped: "Actually, that's maybe what makes our relationship work so well.

Will and Zoe
Will and Zoe

"We take two holidays a year which is our time to just spend weeks together and recharge the batteries.

"Sometimes I ask myself, 'Where does the time go to?' But the important thing is we still have great fun together and she is still the love of my life, so not a lot has really changed over the seven years of our relationship."

The couple honeymooned on the idyllic island of Barbados, in the luxurious surroundings of Sandy Lane resort.

Not surprisingly, the destination remains a favourite for those regular romantic getaways.

Will grew up on his family's farm in Co Down and followed in his dad's footsteps by becoming the third generation to work in the butchery business. His twin brother Richard works on, and continues to live on, the family dairy farm.

Family is important to him and he confesses that his mum continues to make his lunch every day.

Miss Northern Ireland
Miss Northern Ireland

"I'm fortunate to work with my family so I get to see them all the time," he explains.

"Like me, Zoe values family too. She loves going on walks with her dad and always looks forward to family gatherings."

The couple met in April 2012 at a mutual friend's wedding in Castle Leslie in Co Monaghan.

Will holds his hands up to there being immediate attraction on his part, but modestly laughs: "I'm not so sure about Zoe though, as I was dancing - and that's enough to put anyone off."

Clearly still besotted with one another, Will describes his former Miss Northern Ireland wife as "stunning" and loves the fact that she hates wearing make-up "and still looks great without it". Her most irritating trait, he reveals, is that she takes cleanliness and tidiness to a whole new level.

"She's a cleaning freak," he laughs. "Definitely a perfectionist - just call round to our house sometime and I'll show you."


But the upside of all that housework is that Will gets to spend time on the golf course.

"I am into fitness and have just recently taken up golf. I play golf anywhere and everywhere at the moment.

"I'm still quite the amateur and don't think I'll be making the cut for Royal Portrush next year, but I do love it," he confesses.

Golf and housework aside, these days Mr and Mrs Salmon-Corrie make a point of enjoying shared hobbies. "We go to the gym together. We have also recently been to tennis lessons and boxing lessons together - we will give anything a go," Will adds.

Nights in are now more frequent than nights out - by choice.

"We love nothing more than a tub of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food (each) and a movie.

"Truth be told, Zoe can eat three tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in a row," he reveals.

Watching Strictly Come Dancing is a guilty pleasure but might this be an omen of things to come?

Former Dancing on Ice star Zoe has made no secret of being a fan of the hit show.

And lining up as a competitor in the future would certainly be part of the wish list.

In the meantime, though, both are happy to "go with the flow" and make the most of whatever opportunities present themselves.

"As a butcher, Christmas is always crazy, so I'll be getting that over with and then who knows what 2019 might bring - but all is shaping up for it to be a good year ahead," Will predicts.

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