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Floral Hall's Saturday night fever was not about dancing

What about the best ballroom of all - the Floral Hall up at Hazelwood in Belfast? Derelict and neglected, several attempts to restore the old place have failed.

There was this chap in the Fifties with two left feet (he couldn't dance for sixpence) who went to the Floral every Saturday night with his girlfriend, who appreciated that he wasn't great in the foxtrot, or any other dance. So after a couple of faltering waltzes around the floor she was happy when he left her with her girlfriends for a while and went out to the Hazelwood Lake for a smoke.

Only he wasn't lighting up at all - as the moonlight glinted on the water he was holding hands with a young lady he had always fancied, but her dad didn't like him. He was back in the ballroom in time for the last waltz and to take his girlfriend home.

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