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Vonda Shepard plays Belfast’s Empire next month

Vonda Shepard and Sharon Corr to cook up something new in Belfast 

Golden Globes, Emmys and the Screen Actors Guild are some of the entertainment industry's most coveted awards and Vonda Shepard has two of each. In a career spanning almost four decades, the American singer/songwriter has sold over 12 million albums. However, in the early days she found the music business a hard nut to crack and, despite some measure of success, stardom eluded her. It wasn't until she appeared in the 1997 TV show Ally McBeal that Vonda really came to eminence.

Home comforts: District Coffee delivers on food and service

Restaurant Review: Little wonder customers love this District of Belfast 

The jaws of Christmas provide a good time to look back and reflect on things. For me, this mostly means a reassessment of the restaurant scene in Ireland. Were the bad reviews of 2018 deserved? Were the good reviews merited? And just how hopeless are my predictions? As the singing hotelier Bill Wolsey reminded a live audience recently, I described a recently opened restaurant as a sure-fire success a couple of months before it closed down.

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