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A gin story: Belfast agency brings to life new Tyrone-based gin

By Claire McKeever

As the gin industry continues to grow in Northern Ireland – and further afield, new Tyrone-based gin brand Symphonia knew it needed to set itself apart.

Symphonia founder Ric Dyer, who has a PHD in Chemistry and 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, recently combined his knowledge of science and quality to produce an innovative series of spirits using ingredients from the local area.

However, the challenge was to give the gin an identity that would properly bring its unique story to life and position it for launch in a highly competitive market.   

Step forward Belfast brand agency The Foundation. Inspired by the brand’s unique passion to combine science and nature, The Foundation has created an identity that is bold, fresh and gives life to the gin’s different flavours: Dry gin, apple gin and fruit cup.

Ric says, “The Foundation spent time getting to know me and to understand the unique process I use for gin distillation. From this understanding they then developed brand and naming concepts that gave me different, highly creative ways to present my gin and I am delighted with the response people have had to Symphonia as a brand.”

“We used a combination of bold typography, illustration and photography to represent the overall brand, and its product range,” says Steve Neill, Head of Design at The Foundation. “It was important for us to communicate the unique qualities of Symphonia and to promote the logical yet creative elements that make this particular gin stand out. We’re really happy with what was achieved.”

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