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A sparkling year for Prosecco sales

By Simon Neville

Sommeliers look away now - UK drinkers spent more on Prosecco than champagne in supermarkets for the first time last year, according to figures.

We already quaff more champagne than anywhere outside of France, but it seems more of us are turning our noses up at the luxury bubbles in favour of Italy's cheaper fizz, which has overtaken champagne as the UK's most popular sparkling wine.

Experts reckon the wine, which is slightly sweeter than champagne, is particularly popular among women, while young people are keen on the price, with an average bottle costing just £6.49, compared with champagne costing £16.23, according to Kantar.

The market researchers also revealed that spending on Prosecco last year was double that of 2013. In total, £181.8m was spent on Prosecco in supermarkets, compared with £141.3m on champagne.

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