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Arguably unique 'cos it's chic

Comfy, stylish and filled with snappy dressers

By Claire McNeilly

The Grouse, 2-12 Springwell Street, Ballymena.

What's the vibe?
The Grouse is arguably the place to be seen in Ballymena. It is chic - and unique in that sense. While many other Ballymena bars tend to preserve their authenticity, The Grouse has sought to embrace the future, with, for example, up-to-date decor and comfy, stylish seating. It's very popular and very busy, so if you want a soft seat get there early. Even at the weekend it's a great place to go with your mates for a good old gossip - the background music is unobtrusive, which makes for chirpy conversation.

What's on offer?
Next to the "wee Grouse" - Ballymena-speak for the bar side of the business - there is a restaurant and, upstairs, a nightclub.

Who can you expect to bump into?
A stylish mix of over-25s.

What are they wearing?
Come as you wish, but look snappy.

Those toilets are tiny.

What to say?
The food was delicious.

What definitely not to say?
Gosh, this is a bit posh for Ballymena.

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