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Beef and Buckfast? Scottish butchers create tonic-wine inspired pie

By John Porter

Two young butchers in Scotland have taken the meat world by storm with their Buckfast-cured offerings, and now their products could be heading to supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland.

Jason and his brother Gary run Rendall's Quality Butchers in Stirling.

As a different take on the usual meat and ale pie, the boys came up with their own beef and Buckfast offering and they have not looked back since.

"It really has taken on," said Jason.

"Young and old, everyone really seems to love them.

"It started as a one-off, but now there is a big demand."

He continued: "We came down from Orkney to open our shop, and we knew Buckfast was popular, so we thought we'd try it instead of the usual steak and ale pie. Buckfast has a reputation for being associated with violence and we wanted to show that something positive and different can come from it.

"The response has been surprising. The products are probably the best selling in the shop.

"We even have people from Northern Ireland coming over and taking it home with them."

With people travelling far and wide for the tonic wine-infused selection, the brothers have expanded their range to include bacon and will be offering haggis and black pudding.

Jason continued: "It sweetens the meat. It's a very versatile drink, but you really can taste the Buckfast."

Jason (32) and his 29-year-old brother Gary began working in an abattoir in Orkney straight after leaving school. They then graduated to the butcher's shop and eventually opened their own business.

Last year - the first time the pair entered for an award - they swept the boards and were even named runner-up in the World Scotch Pie championships.

Such has been the popularity of their Buckfast products, the brothers are working with the drink's manufacturer to explore introducing a range of products to sell in shops across the UK.

But if you can't wait, they deliver across the UK from

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