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Belfast chip shop chef gets his big (ad) break on The X Factor

By Stephanie Bell

A fry chef in a Belfast chippy has become a surprise X Factor star.

Deaglan Kane (22), who works in Browns Fish and Chip Shop in Woodbourne Crescent, is to perform several times during the series for the show's five million-plus viewers.

Deaglan was selected alongside other chefs and delivery drivers to record a series of performances in London.

He recorded four songs, which will be shown during the ad breaks in the show on Saturday and Sunday nights.

During last weekend's show Deaglan was cast as a delivery driver and, singing Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf, was seen getting onto a moped on stage which was then lifted into the air.

The full stage production saw him surrounded by dancers and extras.

He said: "I'm wearing a helmet so I don't think too many people know it was me yet.

"I imagine there will be a bit of stick when people realise and I will just be keeping my head down.

"It was very exciting to do it and it's weird to think that millions of people will be watching it."

Deaglan, who was interested in drama at school, got his big break when he applied for a competition called Chef Factor run by Just Eat a couple of months ago.

He sent in a video of himself singing What's New Pussycat? and was invited to an audition.

He added: "They flew me to London about a month ago for the audition and I didn't know what to expect.

"There was a panel of about eight people including the director and choreographer and when I saw them it was a bit unnerving.

"I did drama at school and was always told I could cope well with pressure on stage, and so I just relaxed into it.

"I performed Hungry Like The Wolf and then they asked me to do What's New Pussycat?"

Deaglan had to wait a week to see if his performance impressed and was delighted to be flown back to London to record for The X Factor.

He said: "They recorded four songs and they cast me as a delivery driver and I had to be strapped into the moped because it was lifted off the stage to float about in the air with me on it.

"It was great because I was expecting a fish and chip role, but what they did was more fun.

"The actual shoot was great. They flew me over on the Thursday and put me up in a lovely hotel and the shoot started at 8am on the Friday. I wasn't back to the hotel until 10.30pm.

"The songs will be used during the show as it goes into an ad break and as it comes out of it."

Deaglan will also be seen performing Kylie Minogue's Spinning Around, The O'Jays' Now That We Found Love and Emeli Sande's Next To Me.

He added: "Coming from a drama background I had never got to experience a production at that level before and it was fascinating to watch how it was done.

"Hopefully it will give people a laugh and all I want is for people to enjoy it."

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