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Cointreau: Raise a glass to celebrate a special liqueur

Alfred Cointreau tells Sam Wylie-Harris more about this key cocktail ingredient


French chic: Vincent Darre

French chic: Vincent Darre


The Cointreau Limited Edition

The Cointreau Limited Edition



French chic: Vincent Darre

It's quite a thing when your name is on an iconic bottle, especially one that transcends time and place.

Alfred Cointreau, sixth generation scion of the Cointreau family, is celebrating the liqueur's 170th anniversary by collaborating with Vincent Darre - an interior designer who's worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Prada and Fendi to name a few - to create a limited edition bottle.

"It was important we partnered with an iconic French designer to truly showcase Cointreau's proud heritage, as well as our focus on the future," says brand and heritage manager Cointreau.

"Vincent Darre was the perfect choice - he's the epitome of French chic and creativity, which we thought was a perfect tribute to the spirit of my great-great-grandfather Edouard," he adds.

Darre has also helped to create a special 170th anniversary cocktail - The Sofa - created with lime juice, macadamia nut syrup, pineapple juice and, of course, Cointreau.

A couple of cheeky cocktails in, we take a closer look at what really makes this iconic orange liqueur stand out from the crowd...

How has it made such a name for itself?

"Cointreau is a key ingredient in more than 350 cocktails. It's the perfect balance of flavours, the exceptional power and richness of orange aromas, and the absolute crystalline transparency that makes it truly stand out," says Cointreau.

What's your favourite Cointreau cocktail?

"The Margarita. Not only because its creator, [Dallas socialite] Margaret Sames, created it with Cointreau, but because the Margarita is a classic that's both elegant and festive," reveals Cointreau.

"Everything from the ingredients to the glass it's served in is exciting, not to mention it's simple and delicious."

Cointreau Limited Edition by Vincent Darre is priced £35

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