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Cost of Christmas dinner sprouts rises by £7.50

The cost of ingredients for this year's Christmas dinner has risen by £7.50 since 2010, official figures have shown.

The typical basket of goods has gone up in price by 7.5% from £99.82 last year to £107.32, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.

Turkey steaks have typically risen to £8.15 per kg, an increase of 3.8%, while fresh chicken has gone up by 7.2% to average £3.14 per kg.

The old Christmas favourite snack of pigs in blankets has also become a more expensive treat, with the cost of back bacon typically rising by 6.2% to £9.11 per kg and the cost of pork sausages rising by 5.6% to £4.33 per kg.

Despite high living costs, some vegetables have become cheaper this year; Christmas revellers can fill up on roast potatoes, with the knowledge that old white potatoes have dropped in price by 10.4% to average 60p per kg. New potatoes are also cheaper, averaging £1.41 per kg, a drop of 9%.

There were also price hikes across the various bottles of alcohol included in the basket, with champagne experiencing an 8.6% increase to average £28.93, red wine going up by 14.2% to reach £5.63, white wine increasing by 8.1% to reach £6.56 and fortified wine such as sherry and port soaring by 11.5% to average £7.30.

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