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Could this gadget change how you drink wine?

By Claire Cromie

A Northern Ireland company believes it can change how we drink wine forever.

Woodford Bourne NI has announced an exclusive partnership with US firm Coravin to introduce a gadget that extracts wine from a bottle - without pulling the cork out.

Sounds impossible, but the Coravin System extracts wine from a corked bottle through a thin, hollow needle that is inserted through the cork.

The bottle is pressurised and the wine pours through the needle and into the glass.

Once complete the needle is removed from the cork and the cork reseals, protecting the wine from oxidation - which means you can enjoy wine by the glass for weeks or even months after first drinking it.

Priced at £269, it may be too expensive for the average wine drinker at home.

But it could save bars and restaurants a small fortune by solving the problem of wastage - and mean that businesses could offer a wider range of wines by-the-glass.

Andrew Schnell of Woodford Bourne believes the gadget will result in more choice and a better wine experience for the consumer and less waste and increased profit for the trade owner.

“It took a decade of research and testing by our partners at Coravin to develop this revolutionary new product and we are thrilled to secure the exclusive distribution rights to bring this innovative solution to Northern Ireland,” he said.

"By using the Coravin System, consumers no longer have to commit to one type of wine as they can taste more than one bottle in an evening. Party throwers can also serve both white and red wines and pair wines with different courses during dinner parties, saving what’s left for a later date."

Woodford Bourne NI, a division of Lisburn-based business Robert Roberts, distributes a large range of leading wine brands to the Northern Ireland market including Torres, Cono Sur, Katnook, Lindemans and Wakefield Estate.

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