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Food with the ish-factor

South African born cookery tutor and broadcaster,Rozanne Stevens, best known for her foodie slot on Rté Radio 1 programme ‘Today with Pat Kenny’ visited Belfast recently to talk about her wonderfully entitled cook book, Delish.

The chef and author, who also writes a weekly nutrition based food column for the Irish Independent, has put together 101 recipes featuring her trademark ‘ish’ factor.

Rozanne Stevens said: “I like to take food and put my own twist on it - a skill I have honed after many years of travelling the world and immersing myself in the cuisines and cultures of the region. So my book is full of dishes that are Chinese ‘ish’ or Thai ‘ish’ – hence the name of my book - Delish.”

The ten chapters of recipes also covers Spanish, Irish, Marrakeshish, South Africanish, Frenchish, Mexicanish, Greekish, and Italianish food ensuring there is something to suit every palate.

Rozanne qualified as the youngest ever food and wine lecturer with the prestigious Cape Wine Academy in South Africa in 1996, has been a food tutor for 10 years and trained in most major world cuisines and wines.

“I’ve been working with food at different levels for such a long time now that I feel I know how to get the best out of it but still keep the fun factor in there. My book Delish is jammed with easy to follow recipes packed with my experience and know how so I hope people enjoy cooking them as well as eating them.”, said Rozanne.

For Rozanne, it's not just about the food, but enjoying cooking, socialising with family and friends and learning about new flavours and ingredients. “I love to entertain and that’s something that shows in my food. I also believe that with a few authentic ingredients, you can recreate the mood and feel of a place at home without having to restock your entire pantry or get on a plane.”

The book contains useful sections on ‘Pantry Pals’, ‘Fresh Friends’ and ‘Kitchen Kit’ as well as some hints and tips and kitchen anecdotes to keep you entertained.

“It’s a book for real foodies or enthusiastic amateurs – everyone will get something from it as I try and use interesting and exotic spices and food to give dishes their own delish twist.”, said Rozanne.

You can catch Rozanne at Belfast Cookery School from October where she will be holding her ‘ish’ classes. For more information, or to get a copy of Delish, visit her website, or join her on Twitter, @RozanneStevens or her Facebook page,

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