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How to make 'super nuts' in 4 easy steps

According to some health experts, soaking nuts in water and salt can boost their nutritional benefits. Liz Connor explains


Soaking nuts prompts germination

Soaking nuts prompts germination


Soaking nuts prompts germination

Veganism has sky-rocketed in recent years, with more people than ever exploring the benefits of a plant-based diet.

According to a recent survey by comparethemarket.com, 7% of the population now identifies as vegan, which means millions of people might rely heavily on nuts and grains as a major source of protein.

So when the trend for 'activating' your nuts became a thing, it certainly piqued our interest. Is this a better way of consuming nuts, and what's so great about them anyway?

Activated nuts are basically regular supermarket nuts that have been soaked in water and salt for around 7-12 hours, to stimulate the early germination and sprouting process.

Once they've been soaked, the nuts are then dehydrated at a low temperature for about 24 hours. You can either 'activate' your nuts yourself at home, or let someone else do the hard work for you and buy them from a health food shop, pre-activated.

"The idea is that the process of 'activating' your nuts reduces phytates and potentially increases the bioavailability of the nutrients in the food," says Rob Hobson, head of nutrition from Healthspan (healthspan.co.uk).

"If you're eating a balanced diet with plenty of highly nutritious foods, the impact of phytates should be minimal, but this can still be an issue for anyone with mineral deficiencies, such as iron.

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"Buying activated nuts from the supermarket is more expensive than non-activated nuts, so the question is whether they are worth the price tag. Nuts are healthy regardless and are a good addition to the diet. Also, the impact of phytates is likely to be minimal if you're eating a nutrient-rich diet."

If you want to keep costs down, here's how you can make some DIY activated nuts at home.

1. Place 250g of plain nuts in a large bowl and cover completely with water and 2tsp of salt.

2. Soak for up to 12 hours until they start to sprout.

3. Strain the nuts and remove the excess water.

4. Slowly roast the nuts on a very low heat (65°C) in an oven for six-24 hours until they're completely dried out.

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