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International cuisine: 5 unique foodie experiences in Belfast

Bao Botanic
Bao Botanic

By Claire McKeever

You may or may not have noticed that, in addition to the traditional curry or chinese, Belfast has introduced even more international food options in recent years, particularly those of the fast food persuasion.

The term “fast food” has been redefined the world over and Belfast is having a good stab at making the best of it available. From bao buns to tacos; burritos to a simple hamburger, the city’s food scene has come a long way.

Here's a list of five unique places to enjoy when dining out in Belfast.

1. Bao Botanic, 48 Botanic Ave

I often find myself salivating at the very thought of a Bao. If not over the wonderfully shredded beef then it’s definitely over the light and airy bao buns that are filled with a choice of meat, a freshly prepared raw slaw and sauce (the Korean barbeque sauce is a personal fav).

Diners can either enjoy their Bao at the small and trendy takeaway or bring it home for a messy yet delicious Friday night dinner.

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2. Boojum

I was definitely late to the Boojum party but the Mexican fast food outlet finally won me over. The combination of Boojum’s swift service, tasty burrito fillings and buzzy atmosphere make it a place many of us will return to time and time again.

Not just for students, office workers, couples and hangry shoppers will also be found lining up at one of Boojum’s many Belfast stores.

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3. Bunsen, 5-8 Hill St

Belfast can only be a better place now that Bunsen has arrived.

Having experienced the upmarket burger joint for the first time in Dublin last year, I know I’m not the only one excited to see another branch of Bunsen now open in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

Creating the old favourite American hamburger with its homemade bun and quality meat, Bunsen really knows what it’s doing and is setting the bar high for a good burger in Belfast.

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4. La Taqueria, 53 Castle St

Another Mexican influence, La Taqueria’s modest location behind Primark is just one of its charms.

On entering the upstairs restaurant, you will be hit by bold and colourful Mexican art and the restaurant’s friendly staff.

When it comes to the food, the knowledgeable staff will be able to take you through the restaurant's different Mexican dishes that include quesadillas and tacos filled with fillings such as seasoned ground pork or a wonderfully tender braised beef.

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5. Falafel Belfast, 9 Botanic Ave

There is no confusion over what this place sells... Yes, falafels - and plenty of them.

If you’re not partial to a falafel then there are other Middle Eastern delicacies to try out including Mezzes, Shawarma and Tagines. The fresh hummus and breads are also a bit special.

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Consider yourself a diehard foodie? Take a look at Expedia’s Europe on a Plate for a list of great places to try out when travelling this spring or summer.

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