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Irish love for potatoes still strong

The Irish love affair with spuds continues.

A new survey says more than half of all Irish households eat potatoes at least once a day, and the versatile tuber is so popular that one of the country's top chefs says customers won't eat their dinners without a portion.

Danny Millar from Balloo House in Co Down, who won Best Chef at the Irish Restaurant Awards 2010, compared new season Queen's with foie gras, saying demand was higher than ever.

“We get cracker potatoes at this time of year,” he said. “Steaming them and adding a bit of butter is as good as foie gras in my opinion, you can't get better eating.

“The flavour's just sensational.”

The research from Bord Bia found that 52% of all households eat one portion of potatoes a day. One in three homes eat two portions.

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