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Isaac Carew: From the catwalk to the kitchen

Ever wondered just how former model and food writer Isaac Carew likes his eggs in the morning? Lauren Taylor finds out

Isaac Carew
Isaac Carew

By Lauren Taylor

Isaac Carew is in the middle of a major career U-turn. The 33-year-old has spent the last 10 years being the face of major fashion campaigns, travelling the world as a model. But before all that, he trained as a chef, and these days you'll find him in the kitchen, not on the catwalk.

After the publication of his first cookbook The Dirty Dishes, we grilled him on the really important stuff...

What's your death-row meal?

Super fatty tuna nigiri, just a huge platter of sushi.

Is there anything you still can't get right in the kitchen?

I think I still need to master a souffle. Obviously, I can make one, but I need to master it just a little bit more to get it really perfect.

Do you have a favourite store cupboard essential?

A really good olive oil. Nice and peppery, one you don't cook with. A really high-quality one.

What's the kitchen utensil you can't live without?

My chef's knife.

Tell us your favourite late night snack

Dates. I love dates. They have to be put in the fridge so they almost turn into toffee. So tasty.

Diet or full fat?

Full fat.

How do you like your eggs?

I like them poached, l like them fried, I like them in shakshuka, I like the yolks running and the whites slightly translucent, just coming over.

What did you eat last night?

I went out for a Sunday roast then went out for a friend's birthday and I had a cheese burger, but I swapped out the cheddar cheese for blue cheese, Dijon mustard, a portion of chips and red wine.

What's your go-to takeaway?

I'm going to go for a Greek shish kebab.

Ultimate hangover cure?

My buttermilk pancakes (with blueberry and chamomile compote, in his book).

Anything you can't stomach?

I hate dill. I can't stand it. It can really ruin a meal for me. I'm not sure what it is, but you know how some people don't like coriander? I hate dill.

What's your signature dish?

My crab linguine (side note: it looks delicious).

The Dirty Dishes: 100 Fast And Delicious Recipes by Isaac Carew, photography by Susan Bell, is published by Bluebird, £20

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