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Laura Kenny: 'Cereal's my signature dish... you can't ruin it'


Laura Kenny, the most successful British female Olympian of all time, tells Ella Walker she really can’t cook.

Laura Kenny might be the most successful female cyclist the UK has ever produced — as well as the country’s most decorated female Olympian — but she can’t cook.

“Oh, I’m an absolutely awful,” admits the 25-year-old Harlow-born athlete with a laugh. “Jason does it all for us (Jason being Jason Kenny, her husband and fellow British cyclist and also the father of her newborn son, Albert).

But just because she can’t whip up a feast doesn’t mean she doesn’t love food. We briefly caught up with the four-time Olympic gold medallist to grill her on the truly important stuff.

Your ultimate death-row, last-night-on-earth meal, would be...

My mum’s tuna pasta bake.

The thing you still can’t cook is...

I’m absolutely awful at everything. I mean, I can do my mum’s tuna pasta bake but that’s about as far as it goes.

If you get hungry late at night, the first snack you’ll reach for is...

It doesn’t seem like a late-night snack, it doesn’t even seem naughty, but cereal.

Your cereal of choice is...

It can be anything. You know the crunchy nut granola with the little chocolate bits? I used to be addicted to that stuff. Or the mini Weetabix with the chocolate chips in it — anything chocolatey.

Preferably your eggs would be...


Laura Kenny with her Olympic medal

Your favourite childhood dinner was always...

Sweetcorn. When I was growing up, I absolutely loved sweetcorn. Maybe a roast dinner, actually. Yeah, a roast dinner.

And your takeaway of choice is...

Chinese. Oh god, I love everything. The duck with pancakes. I literally love it. It’s the minute we’re on a break, I’m done cycling, I’m out to a Chinese. Literally anything and everything.

When it comes to concocting a hangover cure...

I don’t really do that, no (laughs).

You are incapable of stomaching...

Pesto. I absolutely hate pesto. It’s horrible, I really don’t like it.

And your signature dish for wowing at dinner parties is...

I don’t really have one. Cereal — yeah, you can’t ruin that.

  • Laura Kenny is a brand ambassador for Pod Food

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