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Maureen hooks Twitter fans with tasty Tweets

By Margaret Canning

Celebrities use Twitter to keep their fans up-to-date on their activities and opinions. But a Canadian woman living in Whitehead is putting the 140 characters it takes to make a Tweet to more practical use — bite-sized recipes for a range of delectable dishes.

Maureen Evans now has more than 10,000 followers on the social networking website — and the creative writing student couldn’t be happier with the global span of her kitchen industry.

She has appeared in the New York Times and even given an interview to a Washington TV station. She said: “I’m honoured to inspire so many people. Everyone seems to be really exciting — there are a lot of people having live cook-ups on Twitter.”

Maureen (27) lives in an old fortified tower in Whitehead with her partner after moving here to study a poetry-heavy creative writing course at Queen’s.

Her other mission is demystifying cookery — but the shorthand she uses for ingredients and directions creates an added mental challenge. Her partner, fellow Canadian Blaine Cook, was one of Twitter’s chief architects and now works for Osmosoft, a BT subsidiary.

When not cooking up a storm at home, they enjoy going out and sampling restaurants and markets in Belfast. “We love Made in Belfast, Deane’s for a special occasion, Bookfinders for combining food and poetry, a lot of the Indian falafel places and St George’s Market for supplies. I also snack on dulse which I buy from my grocer in Whitehead.”

But it was poetry which first drew her to Northern Ireland. “I love the focus on poetry in Belfast and the queues of people standing outside doors to hear poets of moderate notoriety.

“The tradition of enjoying poetry has been maintained here in a way that was never common-place in North America.”

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